Matsamo Customs and Traditional Centre Co-operative is a traditional village near Swaziland and a must for visitors looking to experience authentic Swazi culture, which is well preserved in this, it is named after Chief Matsamo, a prominent Shongwe chief and contemporary of King Mswati II.

Matsamo is a 100% black owned entity with 70% women ownership, and roughly 30% male. We currently have 6 directors and you can view more under our team.


  • Our Goal at Matsamo Customs is to develop a high standard of indigenous knowledge preservation and to establish a reputation for the centre where a local community preserve and practice its cultural heritage on world class standard to share it enthusiastically with visitors and tourists.



  • Leading nation building and societal transformation through social cohesion
  • It’s our goal to be the Earth’s most tourist-centric place, where people can find and discover the beauty of Swazi Culture and whole lot more..