07h00 – 11h30

A choice of three popular cereals such as cornflakes, muesli and weet-bix.
A selection of fresh fruit in season from the valley, with yoghurt.
Two popular porridges (oats & maize),
stewed mix fruit and cream
Savory mince, chicken livers, sausages and bacon.
Eggs of your choice i.e. fried, omelet or boiled
Freshly baked bread, scones, muffins or toast with a selection of jams and spreads.
Fresh fruit juice, coffee and tea.

Lunch – 12h30 – 15h30
Dinner – 18h30 till late

Assorted cold meat and fish dish
with a variety of salads
From the Carvery
A choice of two meat stews prepared in traditional pots
served with a selection of 3 freshly prepared vegetables,
served with rice, samp and pap.
from the Desert counter
Freshly prepared fruit salad and ice cream,
home baked layer pudding and a variety of fresh fruit in season.
Home baked bread and pastries
and a selection of cheeses.

A wide selection of Beers, Coolers, Wines, Spirits Cold drinks,

Shakes & Cocktails are available from our cash bar